Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fiber Arts in New Zealand

It's been a hectic few weeks. Spring semester started at Mesa College, and already things have moved to full gear.

I am pleased to say, that every year or two, I get to advance my skills in some form, as a part of Professional Development. This year, I was invited to participate in the Deco Belles Fiber Arts Workshop, in Napier, New Zealand. This workshop involves many of New Zealand's know fiber arts. Each participant teaches a workshop/class, and in exchange, is able to take nine classes.

I've been here for two days now, and already have worked on three projects. I will be blogging on the various activities as soon as I get some images uploaded to the computer. Our schedule is very full. More to come.

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Lori said...

I never made it up to Napier. I understand that it is supposed to have a lot of Art Deco architecture.

I have had some pretty good wines from that region though.