Friday, February 19, 2010

New Zealand Workshop: Beaded Necklace

Laurel Judd taught us how to build a necklace using a metal template for the pendant and stringing beads for the necklace itself.

You can see Laurel's work on her site at

The process begins by arranging beads in a ridged piece of metal. Once you like your basic layout (and it helps to take a digital image for reference before you remove the beads), you lay a little glue in the base and start to arrange your beads.
Then, you take the same blue and squeeze it over the entire surface of the beads. It will dry clear and serves the purpose of keeping all the beads in place, particularly those that are on their side, or are extended beyond the side.

Here you can see a group of pendants, and the final glueing process on one.

A close-up.

Now to the bead box, to choose the beads for the necklace strand.

You can arrange these beads anyway you like.

Laurel supervising the attaching of the clasp after all stringing is complete.

Some final pieces on Doreen, Janet, and Carol (left to right).

Yet another creative project and fashion statement. Thanks Laurel!

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