Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Art Meets Fashion in San Diego

One of the events going on in my life, is involvement with "Art Meets Fashion" here in San Diego. This is the brainchild and project of the San Diego Visual Arts Network

Teams consisting of an artist, a fashion designer, a documenter and an educator have been formed, and are in the process of creating wearable art that will be displayed in a fashion show as well as a gallery exhibit in various venues of San Diego.

I am the documentation person, and have been taking photos and videos of our team.

The team consists of
Osbaldo Ahumada, Fashion Designer
Duke Windsor, Artist
Andrea Marx, Educator
and my self, Susan (as the person who documents the process)

Here is a you-tube video where you can learn more about our project

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buttons and Trims in Verona: Mercerie Dian

Another great find in Verona! (thank you Anna for showing it to me)
This is a button and trim store. Here you can see a view of the shop and one of the patrons. You can also see some wonderfult trims.

Mercerie Dian (di Dian Antonio & Galliano)
Via A. Diaz, 1-B
37121 Verona
Tel 045-594726

Friday, January 14, 2011

Yarn in Verona! Jenny Klaer, Filati & Ricami

I have been to Verona many times, and have looked for yarn stores with no luck. You have to know who to ask, and so, you must ask a knitter. I was pleased to find out that my Italian friend Anna is a knitter, and so, she took me on tour of a few wonderful stores in Verona and area. We will begin with Jenny Klaier, Filati & Ricami. To the right here, you can see Jenny (left) and Lina (right).

First of all, meet Anna.. a fellow fiber enthusiast.

Jenny Klaer is the name of the store and of the owner. It is a lovely shop full of color, samples and of course, interesting yarns. Here are a couple shots of the interior of the store.

Jenny Klaer, Filati & Ricami
Via S. Egidio, 11, 37121 Verona (this is near Piazza Erbe)
Tel: 045 596761

This is a great yarn, and you can see the project I am going to do. Jenny was very gracious and sketched the design and instructions for me. This is a simple shawl that begins with 151 stitches and involves decreases every other row. The first portion is knit with the edge of the yarn as your stitch. This creates a fringe of sorts. The latter body-portion is knit with the entire yarn forming the stitch.

Here is another yarn

Another yarn and scarf.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


OK. here I am with my latest purchase. It is an Italian child's bicycle wheel. You will think me crazy, but there is a plan.

I am working on a yard art project. Will keep you posted as it transpires.

I bought the wheel from(or should I say made a donation to) a company of young Italians who rebuild bicycles from various parts. Their goal is to recycle. They are now moving into creating a line of recycled clothing, so I hope to follow their progress.

Behind me, the Roman arena in Verona.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mozart and Organ Music

Mozart once played on a baroque organ (27 December, 1769), found in Chiesa di San Tomaso Becket, Verona, Italy. Last Friday night, I went to a concert there to hear Mozart music. Amazing.

The small group of musicians and the organist all sat up high in the balcony that you see here. The music echoed beautifully through the large structure of the church.

As a keyboard player (piano), I appreciate this all,and enjoy the history as well.

Here is a link to more info on the church (but in Italian)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Shawls, Scarves, Ponchos

They are all over the place here in Verona. I love watching all the variations.

Everyone wears one; under their coat, over their coat, around their coat.

It is just fun to see how creative they are.

It's a Pig's Life

Love creative merchandising on the street. These three 'folk' guard the front window of a gourmet food store on Via Stella in Verona.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Knit and Crochet Moves to Interior Items

I love Italian fashion, and I love to see knits and crochet move to home interiors.

Look how crocheted granny squares form the headboard and base of this bed.

and look how stockinette/jersey knit becomes a throw.

Verona at night

New camera... and a night-shot option.

So, here area few shots taken from Ponte San Pietra.

And my street, (where my apartment is).

Friday, January 7, 2011

Venice at New Years

A new experience... to be in Venice for New Year's.

Here are a few shots of the evening, and of course walking Venice on New Year's day, including of course a shot of fashion in a store window.

New Year's eve on the streets of Venice.

A house party in Venice..

Fireworks over San Marco Square at Midnight.

In and around the Rialto Bridge on New Year's Day

with friends...

San Marco Square

other parts of Venice

The Italian Family

For those of you who were here at the Design Retreat in Italy last summer, here is a photo of the 'family' who says Ciao.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Fashion in Italy

Traveling shoes are on, as I work on another writing project, and so am here in Verona, getting some focus time.

In between writing sessions, I get to meander the streets and see what is in fashion. There seems to be a lot of 'black' and neutral colors. There is also a lot of wool, and winter clothing, as it is cold this time of year.

Below you can see what I mean.

Starting with some 'knit' metal jewelry..

Then, on to garments...