Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentines Day Haiku Poetry

Of course, after we wove the hearts (prior post), we had to have a creative writing session (in the Textiles class, no less). I introduced Haiku to the students. This is Japanese poetry, consisting of three phrases, with 5, 7 and then 5 syllables per phrase.

The rule was (since it was Textiles class), that they had to use textile terms to 'interweave' into their poetry.

Here are a few examples of what we got..

The first two are mine... followed by the students.

Threads of history
Interlace our lives as one.
Building Golden cloth.

You are my fabric.
We have interlaced our minds
To create a life.

Dye for you my love
Our love is 98% cotton 2% spandex
Dye my love with red.

We wove together
When your naturual color knots
With my thread of time.

Heart to heart we weave
Comfort and strength we share
Together we are whole.

Your silky linen
Drapes my soul on the knotty side
With breathable comfort.

Us, tying the knot
Will forever dye our lives
The color of love.

Your eyes like brocade
Burned out my bleeding heart
Felting our luster.

Valentines Day in the Textiles Classroom

Today is Valentine's day, so, the softie I am for such things, we had to make paper woven hearts. Afterall, it is "plain weave"

You can find the instructions for the heart basket at

Below you can see the process of cutting the pattern, and weaving it.

Thanks to my Textiles students for sharing.