Saturday, February 20, 2010

Looking From All Angles

When I teach design, I try to encourage my students to look at their evolving projects from all angles. One never knows what they will see if they stand back, or change their position of reference.
As in most things, taking an extra few seconds will almost always lead you to a better place.

Below is an example, albeit, not a design project, but a bit of photography, where I was mesmerized by the Auckland Sky Tower, which is the tallest building in New Zealand. Standing 328 meters tall, it offers views for up to 80 kilometers in each direction.

In photogrpahy, as in the design of anything, if you simply stand and shoot the shot, without taking a few moments to walk around and view the subject from different positions, you are probably not going to get your best work.

Thanks to my wonderful hosts in Auckland, Noelene and John Fitzgerald, I was able to see the Sky Tower from various viewpoints, and I share some of the images with you below.

Click on these to see larger versions.

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