Friday, February 19, 2010

Irrelevance of Time

It amazes me to think about time. Especially when you can travel and arrive before you left. As an example, I left Auckland New Zealand, at 11 p.m. at night on February 13th, and arrived in Los Angeles at 2 p.m., seven hours earlier than I left. That is a distance of 6508 miles traveled in - 9 hours. Pretty amazing, yes?

Also fun, was the act of putting my foot in the Pacific, at both ends on the same day. Here you can see me standing mid-day on the beack in Auckland, my shawl blowing in the strong breeze. The water was quite warm.

.... and here you see me, with my feet in a slightly colder Pacific, in San Diego, California, shortly after I finally landed at home, at sunset, around 5:30 p.m.

If only we had these long days to pursue creative endeavors.

btw.. when asked how long the flight was, I generally respond with five to six movies. That is generally how I measure time when flying.


Kathi said...

Wow, you made the flight in -9 hours! I'm impressed!! I like the way you look at it. Of course, the length of the flight over there wouldn't seem quite as nice!

It is very cool that you were on both sides of the Pacific. I am rather mesmerized by that thought.

ErnestWD said...

Well done, Susan! Our daughter Allison attended college in Sydney Australia so we have a bit of an idea of the distances involved (though we never travelled it ourselves). Still to dip in both ends of 'the pond' the same day is quite an accomplishment.
- Ernest Dow, Blyth ON
BTW nice blog and website. Not that I'm an expert on fashion or sewing!