Friday, February 12, 2010

New Zealand Workshop: Reconstruction

Laurel Judd’s workshop was on reconstructing clothing. We began the project by shopping at the Op Shop (see photos from last week). Then we hit a bead store and a haberdashery shop to find all sorts of little things to use in our creations.

My project began with a pullover knit top and a sewn shell. Here they are. You can see that I cut off the sleeves of the pullover, shortened it, and cut up the center front.

I then cut open the shoulder seams of the sewn top, turned it upside down. Here you can see me experimenting.

I then and stitched it as a 'skirt' to the bottom of the knit top. I also added a hook and eye tape to the center front, and stitched a snap tape to the shoulder seams of the burgundy top.

Here you have the result.

Now.. let's take a look at what others did..

Janet's jacket..adding ruffles to knit

Laurel's dress.. adding an inset and ruffle sections to a knit that was cut apart.

Doreen's top, still in progress, made of knit pieces

Carol's jacket, made by cutting up a sweater and appliqueing pieces of another sweater on top..

Bev's new dress, made by reworking one of her favorite skirts..

Alma's artsy top..

Ginny's two-piece ensemble working a skirt, top and scarf..

and mine.. during the final modeling. I have the option to add the sleeves which will be held in place by garters.

All in all, it was a blast!

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