Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Zealand: Workshop Participants

Below you can see the participants of the 2010 Deco Belles Fiber Arts Workshop. These women are known fiber artists in New Zealand.

All traveled to Napier from either the North or South Island. The coordinator of the event is Laurel Judd. Laurel's work is supreme. Check out her work at

Front Row: (L-R) Bev, Susan, Alma, Ginny, Laurel
Back Row: (L-R) Doreen, Janet, Carol, Betty, Heather

Each participant played a role in conducting workshops and teaching others skills in Textile and/or Fiber Arts. We are all carrying woven flax bouquets that we created using Maori weaving techniques. This workshop was taught by Bev. I was honored to be invited to participate, and to teach a class.

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