Saturday, March 6, 2010

Inspiration: Desert Blooms in Borrego Springs, California

It is springtime in the desert. I drove to Borrego Springs today, to meet up with friends. Our goal was to hike a bit and take photos of the desert bloom. Given that we have had a lot of rain, we expected lots of flowers, but it is apparently a little early for the full bloom. Either way, it was a great day. There is something spiritual about walking amongst all the cactus and plants. It is great inspiration.

Here you can see the cast of characters: Jerry, Kathleen and myself.

This was a shot taken on the drive. It is a tree that was burned in one of our area fires.

A crazy palm tree.. in need of a trim.

Shots of the desert.

Some cactus blooms.

Mesa College: Courteney Fox's Project

Take a look at what one of my student's, Courteney Fox, did for her first project in Adobe Illustrator.

The link will take you to her Blog where you can read more.