Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Zealand: More Alter-Ego Dolls

I have blogged about the alter-ego dolls before, but all that was in preparation for teaching my workshop in Napier, New Zealand. My turn to teach came, and the alter-ego girls were created. I don't know about the group, but the project for me, was a blast!

I had prepped sublimations of each workshop participant's face into a doll pattern, with a facial image (from photos that had been sent to me via email).

Each member of the workshop was given their pattern and basic instructions, and then all went to town!

Here we have a shot of the group at work.

Here are several dolls whose bodies are complete, but they need clothing!

Carol is adding hair to her doll. She used a wig for her hair source!

Ginny decided to add some trim to her doll's skirt after it was made. The doll nearly squealed as it was taken to the machine and whirled around!

Here is Heather sewing.

Janet is adding the bead legs.

Laurel is adding her costume.

Here are some of the finished results


Kathi said...

Those are so neat! What are the guidelines for dressing them?

SusanLazear said...

No guidelines... just to wrap cloth in a manner that suits your taste. The legs and arms are made by stringing beads.