Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shopping: Workshop Preparation

Someone has to do it!

In preparation for upcoming workshops, we were taken on a ‘shopping’ trip. However, lunch came first, and we went for "high tea", hats provided.

Our first stop was the ‘Op Shop’. This is short for Opportunity Shop, and in American English, this translates to a Thrift Shop. We were to find things that we would be able to reconstruct into a garment in an upcoming workshop.

Here are a few shots of the group shopping.

Next, we went to Aarons Emporium. This was an amazing place that had all sorts of things.. ranging from trims, to tapes, to leather, to fabric, etc. I found all kinds of cool things, and you will see me use them in my reconstruction project coming up.

After this we went to a Bead Shop to locate beads to use.

Lastly, we went to meet Jennifer Heath, who is a jewelry artist. She designs and strings various types of pearls into fantastic necklaces, earrings, and bracelets.

We were then armed, and ready to go with materials for our projects. You'll see us use them soon.

1 comment:

Kathi said...

I see folks from that area of the world refer to op shops at times, thanks for reinforcing my understanding of the word!
That second shop looks amazing - I do believe I would be quite overwhelmed in there with all of those options! I only have a few small shops, mainly quilting, and a not so great Joann's within driving distance. The thought of walking into a store like that might make me swoon!!!!!!