Thursday, June 18, 2009

What's Different in the Fashion Windows of Italy

I wander the streets of Verona often, window-shopping and looking at what is in-fashion here. There are two fashion items which are quite different than anything I had seen at home. So, here they are, with a brief description.

There is a style of sandal here that is popular. It is somewhat of a combination of sandal and boot. It really reminds me of footwear in the Roman and Greek eras of fashion history.

The second item that I see which is quite different is a type of pant or cropped-pant that has an extremely deep crotch. This style bases its origin in the Indian Pajama or Sirwaal (and other similar garments from other parts of the world). Below are two examples of these styles, as seen in the store windows.

Here is a drawing of an Indian Sirwaal pattern and garment. I created this drawing as part of my sabbatical research this past fall. The legs of this example are longer than the wearer, who will scrunch them up, once they are put on.

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