Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Search for “The Dress”: Part 2

Found it!

I found my dress in a wonderful boutique called Lion’s Road (an English name)on Via Leoni. It is owned by Teresa Rettondini. In Italian she would be the Titolare, meaning “owner” . The lovely woman who helped me was Flora Desgrazi. Her title is Collaboratrice meaning “assistant or help”, I believe. The business is 30 years old, and carries all Italian design.

Here you can meet Teresa (on the left) and Flora (on the right).

I have walked by Lion’s Road many times in past, and browsed the downstairs a little in October when I was here doing research for my sabbatical. I had no idea, however, that there was a large upstairs floor that has a large selection of better dresses, casual dresses, sportswear and a category called Transitio (which I’m not sure what that is, but Flora told me (in Italian), that this is part of their focus.

I explained to Flora that I was looking for “un abito speciale, per the matrimone del mio figlio” (a special dress for the marriage of my son). She understood, and began to show me dresses she thought would be appropriate. This was a one-on-one service, and I felt like I was in the movie Pretty Woman. Once we chose a few dresses to try, I went to the change room and began the process. She attended to me with every question and need. She made comments as to the style, fit and color. Surprisingly, every dress she selected fit fairly well, which I don’t often have happen at home. Of course, there are the usual things with some styles (I am a petite size, with a shorter back waist and narrower shoulders), but I was very surprised, that I couldn’t eliminate some of the dresses due to fit.

I tried on dresses that were a bit funky, some that were chic, and some that simply didn’t do a thing for me. Flora would let me know if the dress was a ‘no’, and as always, I appreciate that kind of honesty. Then, I came to “the dress”. I was a little unsure of the color, (I can only wear certain shades of light brown/tan). The style suits my personality perfectly, as it reminisces the 1920’s, and I teach Fashion History, and love this decade.

My dress (notice that now it is ‘mine’) is made of silk and nylon. The silk is used as the under-dress, that is overlaid with nylon tulle. It has a surplice front, a dropped waist, and four tiers of tulle netting, each in a different color. These are beaded at the bottom, with complementing beads. A beaded sash of tulle is attached to the lowered waist panel, and ties at the side.

Flora convinced me that the tulle dress was the best choice, as c’e molta elegante. (It is very elegant). So, given all the words I had been thinking of (funky, unique, chic, etc., ) the one I ended up with was elegant, and that suits me just fine. If there is one time I want to be elegant, it is at the wedding of one of my children.

We needed to have the shoulders pulled up (as I often do), so Flora pinned these for me, and told me the dress would be ready in 10 days.

I picked my dress up on the weekend, and it is beautiful. Now for the shoes.

Lion'S Road Di Rettondini Maria Teresa
Via Leoni, 3
37121 Verona (VR), Italy
+39 045 591420

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