Monday, June 15, 2009

The Search for “The Dress”

If you follow this blog, you will know that my son is getting married in July. So, that would make me the mother-of-the-groom. So, as you can guess, the search for the dress had started. In late May, after the college semester ended, I began my search. I had toyed with the idea of making my own dress, and there is still an appeal in that idea., but I have so many things on my plate, including five weeks away from my sewing machine, that I decided that it would be best to purchase one.

I did find a few dresses at home in the San Diego area, and brought a few home (they were on sale). Yet, I wasn’t 100% sold on any of them for the wedding. Vanity would have it, that I would like not to see myself at the wedding, so purchasing a dress from a popular store, was probably not a great idea.

I decided I would see if I could find something while here in Italy. I feared this would be a bit of a challenge, as Italian women tend to be tall and slender. I, on the other hand am petite and deal with being two different sizes, top and bottom.

The search began here in Verona, by casually going into some stores and looking around. I couldn’t decide what look I wanted… I always like something different, so, did I want to be funky, chic, unusual, … I wasn’t sure. I just hoped I would know the dress when I found it. I got brave one day, and tried on a Valentino (just for fun) and a Sonia Rykiel, but they were way beyond my reach. Yet, it was an experience.

So.. read on, and you will see that I did find “the dress”, and of course, the shoes and purse to go with.

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