Friday, June 19, 2009

Amazing Italian Fashion

The garments I share with you here are from images I shot on Sunday, June 14, 2009. I had walked into the city center of Verona to view a Photography exhibit before it closed. The work of young Veronese photographers was featured.

After looking at the exhibit, I decided to try out a gelati store my landlord had told me about. So, since it was a very hot day, I looked for streets that were more shaded, and in doing so, found new streets that had some amazing fashion. I wish I had the presence of mind to note the stores and designers of all the garments below, and of course the address, as I would like to go back and see more of what they have in their windows. This is Italian fashion at its best.

Below you see the images of three garments that I found amazing.

This Dress (Abito) was in a store called Newgalles Donna. The bands at the top are knit, and they interlace with each other. It was simply amazing.

The Jacket (Giacca)you see here was utterly breathtaking. The pattern was engineered in place when the jacket was cut. Then, various handwork, mostly beading was applied to the surface, following the print on the fabric. Look at the beautiful bound buttonholes.

This Blouse (Blusa)is gorgeous. Lace has been laid in place and then stitched onto the surface of the base fabric to create the scalloped look you see here.

By the way, the gelato was also very good, and a treat to the palette as opposed to the eyes.

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