Friday, June 12, 2009

Verona Artist: Simonetta Giaroli

Meet Simonetta Giaroli
Laboratorio ceramica artistica terra e fuoco
Via ponte pietra 25/a, Verona, Italy
Tel +39 340 8323341

Again, at the foot of the Ponte Pietra bridge (on the downtown side of Verona), you will find another artist’s studio/workshop. This is Simonetta Giaroli who is a Ceramics Artist. Her business is called Laboratorio ceramica artistica terra e fuoco.

Simonetta has been working with ceramics for ten years, and for the past four years she has owned and operated her Laboratorio. In addition to her production work, she also teaches ceramic classes. She is a self-taught artist for the most-part, although she has studied through courses around the area and in Tuscany.

Most of Simonetta’s work is connected to the human figure and thus is figurative. Here you can see a few examples of her work. You are looking at figures based on what I would call a dress form, and these are transformed into earring holders, and related items. They are colorful and fun.

Simonetta loves Raku finishes and uses these often, but she does do all styles of firing and glazes. She likes to experiment constantly, and lately she has been exploring working with fabrics as part of the finishing.

For example, she showed me a vase (pictured here) where she dipped a silk ribbon in a ceramics mixture and then wrapped it around a vase before firing. The ribbon hardened and is now part of vase. Here are a few other examples of textiles being transformed into another medium. She is using silk, netting, silk, ribbons and all sorts of textile materials.

At the moment, Simonetta is getting ready to fire a few more pieces, so I will be returning to see how these come out, and hopefully one will find its way into my suitcase.

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