Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What has Susan Been Doing?

I imagine some wonder what I've been doing here in Verona.

Well, I use this time as a retreat to remove myself from telephone, internet (except when I need to have contact), and other distractions of normal life.

While I am here, I have been working on various Cochenille projects, and prepping new classes that I will teach for various conferences.

So... here is a brief list. I am working on..

New Styles for Garment Designer, using the Italian store windows and library research as my tools.

Updating the Stitch Painter manual.

Working on an Online Class for Patternmaking (gathering info from various sources here).

Prepping for a new class I am teaching at the American Sewing Guild, on Alternates to Facings. The Italian fashion has been excellent for this.

Photographing store windows at night for inspiration.

Software Development.

and other projects.

It has actually been very busy. I love the solitude I have here, and then I get to treat myself to a walk downtown, or to a park, to break up my day.

I am glad to have all the United miles that allow me to do trips like this. That is the payoff for all the travel in my past.

So.. new things are in the works.. from Cochenille

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Squishy Kuma said...

There are MANY jealous people here in San Diego. Good for you and keep going! See you in a couple of months.