Friday, June 12, 2009

Verona Artist: Giada Floris

Meet Giada Floris

Via Ponte Pietra, 21
Verona, Italy
Tel. 340 3995595

Giada owns and runs her art Studio near Ponte Pietre in Verona, Italy. Her studio is simply “fun” to visit and one can get lost in thought just enjoying her great sense of humor. If I had to pick one word to describe her work, I would use “whimsical”.

Here you can see the exterior and interior of her studio. Giada sells “pretty much anything she can paint on” which includes cards, prints, T-shirts, T-pots, amongst other things. She also carries other artists’ work.

Giada has worked as a studio artist for the past four years. She is self-taught and focuses her work on ink prints and collage art with acrylics. There is a lot of detail in her drawings. When Giada begins an ink drawing, she creates her original, and then runs prints in limited editions of fifty. She prints these on cotton paper, and sometimes prints with additional colors, just for fun. Once printed, she either sells the print framed or unframed. If she adds a frame, she uses bright colors, and often writes a corresponding thought around the outside of the frame. For example, here is a piece that I now own. The print says “Let the Sun Shine, Let the Heart Play and My Skirt Blow Away”. The frame adds “Let it Shine, Let it Play”.

Giada says that all her work has a sense of humor. She believes you have to laugh at things. At one point in her life, she wanted to be a writer, so she feels this has carried through to her art. She always incorporates writing. Her themes move around love, funny moments, and even what she calls “very bad moods” She creates what she terms “cartonicini del molto malumore” which means “very bad mood cards”. She takes a bad mood and makes it funny and fun.

I purchased a second print. Giada framed this one for me, using a smaller frame upon my request. She was even willing to put my phrase around the outside of the frame.
The print itself talks about thoughts and ideas...
On the frame we wrote:"I am always thinking" in both Italian and English. How appropriate, for those of you who know me well.
You can see Giada painting it here.

When in Verona, you must visit Artventures. Say hello to Giada for me. Tell her Susanna says “hi”.

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