Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Couture Wedding Gown: Part 3

This fitting was the third fitting and it took place in late April. At this point, the designer, Elena had created the entire basic dress in a silk. The shirring has been perfected, and the fit is almost perfect, although Elena ‘s standards are high, so the fitting continues.

Here you can see Elena standing beside the gown, as we found it when we walked into her studio.

Various additional pinnings were made to finess the fit.

There was discussion on embellishment, if it should be used, and how. You can see here how Elena would hold lace and embellishment samples up for Kendra to see in the large mirror. Placement, and style were considered. In the end, Kendra favored the long strip of beaded embellishment.

The next fitting took place in early June. I was not able to attend, but I imagine that basically, the dress is complete at this point, with only minor alteration to occur. I will keep you posted.