Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Search for Shoes

The Search Continues...

I found my shoes in a shoe store on Via Mazzini. This is one of the fashion streets here in Verona. Surprisingly, they, and most of the shoes in the store were reasonable for dress shoes, in that they were no different in price than what I would pay at home.

The store is Martini’s Style Calzature and it is located at Via Mazzini, No. 48.

The owners are Patrizia and Allesandro (pictured below).

I had spotted the shoes a week ago, but wanted to wait until I actually had the dress in hand, so that I could confirm that the color worked well. Now, let me tell you, I think I have looked in every shoe store in Verona, as I causally stroll around. I kept hoping something would jump out at me. I had decided that I needed “heels” although I rarely wear them at home. You have to understand that every Italian woman appears to wear heels at all times. I don’t know how they manage the cobblestone streets, but they do. I also don’t know how they manage to not get tired feet, but they do not appear to do that either. So, I give them credit. Italian women (and men for that matter), always look so elegant, it is amazing.

One evening, after a classical concert, I was strolling up Via Mazzini, and happened to spot a pair of shoes that I thought would be perfect. They had a sense of being beaded, they were heels (but not too high), they were dressy, and they appeared to come in a color that should match the dress. I was excited. So, I took a picture of the shoes and the store, so I could remember where it was.

On Saturday, once I picked up my dress, I headed straight to Martini’s. Patrizia helped me and I am delighted to say not only did the shoes work, they also fit. I had to walk around in them a bit to be sure, but they will be fine.

I did look at a few shoes, just to be sure, and there was another likely candidate that you can see. But in the end, the original shoes won out, and I will be happy to wear them at the wedding. Of course, Patrizia, knowing it was for my son’s wedding, had to show me a purse or two, and there was one that fit in perfectly with the dress and shoes.

Here you can see the shoes beside the dress (along with the runner-up shoe). If you look up at the first image, you can get a peek of the little clutch-style purse on the left.

I am ready now for the big day. Knowing my excitement, I can’t imagine how the bride-to-be feels, Kendra, my future daughter-in-law.

Martini’s Style Calzature
Via Mazzini 48,
37121 Verona
Tel. 045 8007408

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Anonymous said...

Your dress is perfect! Thanks for sharing your search with us! Can't wait to see photos of the big day!
Sue J.