Monday, June 15, 2009

A Couture Wedding Gown: Part 2

On May 29th, I began to share with you the process of creating a couture wedding gown. In the first meeting, the design was established and a sketch was drawn. During the second meeting, Elena the designer had prepared a basic bodice of muslin, to fit Kendra’s torso. I don’t have pictures of that here with me to share, but may add them later. Basically, the muslin was a fitted princess line torso garment, with none of the overlay shirring added. Its purpose was to determine the basic shell fit of the bride-to-be. She and Kendra discussed the design, and a few things changed in the meeting.

The images you see here are the third meeting in late February. This was the second fitting. At this point, Elena has built the entire dress in muslin. She used large safety pins to better fit the gown, and also marked various things for her reference.

As you can see, the gown is taking shape.

Two views of the the fitting, (with differing camera focus), as Kendra looks in the mirror

The process of pinning the gown for fit

The process of marking the gown

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