Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Time to Catch Up

The month of May is now a blur. It typically is my busiest month of the year, and now that it is past, I will have time to catch up on my blog.

So, what happens in May?
Well, this May, I had numerous things, more than usual.
First and foremost was our college/program's big Fashion Show, the 29th annual Golden Scissor Show. I will be posting images shortly of that.

Of course, after the show is over, we then move onto catching up with all the grading that becomes back-logged, and getting onto Finals week for the semester.

A unique project that I worked on in May, was a Design Challenge for the Handweaver's Guild of America. I had been teamed up with a weaver, Robyn Spady, and together, we were to design and create fabric and clothing. We were sent a basket of yarn, and needed to use these yarns in the project. I will share what I can, but we are asked to keep things quiet until after the big Fashion Show in July. Then, I can publicly share images, etc.

I am also in the middle of an article for Threads magazine. The topic is Facing Alternatives. This involved writing an article and creating samples to show the step-by-step.

So, onwards.


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