Monday, June 21, 2010

Jazz in Verona: For the Love of Playing Music

Saturday evening, I went to dinner with a new friend, and afterwards, we walked over to a Street Festival with Jazz.

Now, I want to say, that one thing I have noticed with all kinds of music here in Europe, whether it be classical, jazz, world...,when you watch the musicians play, their love of playing music radiates.

So, that being said, I am posting some photos here. They were taken with my I-Phone, which is not able to capture motion well in low light. Let me tell you that there was motion!!

The Italian men in this Jazz ensemble, paraded for a bit on the street, and then found a spot where they performed for a long time. They were infectious! I hope you get a sense of it from these images, even if they are not clear in all cases.

The group was called Magicaboola Jazz Brass Band.

Think..... JAZZ.....

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Marcia Silva said...

I just checked them out in YouTube! Very cool!!