Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The 2010 Golden Scissors Fashion Show: Preparation

Our college fashion show took place on May 8th. It was a huge success; approximately 800 people attended. Here are some images taken by Dan Palermo (a San Diego photographer) of the show prep.

Makeup... in action. Thanks to City College Cosmetology Program for assisting.

Keeter, a young designer, ponders the upcoming showing of his collection.

Students getting ready.

Kelly, showing models how to walk the runway.

Designer, Osbaldo, helping a model get dressed.

The Lineup... posted for all to see.

A group of students, prepping for the show.

Maria, a model, waiting to walk.

Arturo, one of the Model Committee Chairs, testing out equipment, prior to the show.

In the next entry, I will post images from the show itself!

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