Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fashion History Through Doll-Making

In this image, you can see what my Fashion History students do (in lieu of writing a paper). I give them the option to create a marionette doll and clothe her/him in period style.

Here you see Taylor, one of my students, helping me set up a display of the dolls.

Nearly half of my class were non-fashion students (as Fashion History is now offered as a General Education course). I loved to see students from Math, Business, Political Science, Nutrition, Child Development, etc., attempt the needle and thread. I think they did great!

I generally suggest that if they haven't sewn much, that they choose the Egyptian, Greek or Roman time periods, as not much structuring of patterns happened back then either. Rather, cloth was generally wrapped and girdled on the body.


Anonymous said...

What a creative way to learn about fashion history. I myself enjoy going to art museums that feature fashion galleries. So far I really like Phoenix Art Museum; they have a great fashion design gallery. The last time I was there I learned about 1940's fashion.

Anonymous said...

Susan!! I need help with something! I have a ? If you could email me thatd be great! I'm so jealous your in italy again i hope your having a great summer so far!!

SusanLazear said...

The next time I am in Phoenix, I will be sure to go to the museum. Thanks for the info.


Katie said...

You'll love it, they have so much great stuff!