Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Traveling Shoes... on Again

I am now in Verona, Italy, which I consider to be my second home. I will be hosting a Design Retreat here, later in the month.
After the crazy month of May, I am pleased to be here, quietly working, by myself. Of course, I have an adopted Italian family here, who watches over me, and that provides comfort. It was so nice to see them again.

Once I settled into my apartment, it was time to go grocery shopping. So, off to the fruit and vegetable stand. I don't believe you have ever eaten better tomatoes than the ones I get here. They are so flavorful and sweet. Here is an image of my initial shopping.

After the initial setting up house, I had to go get a gelato from my favorite gelateria. Then, on to visit my friend Giada, who is a young artist here in the city. She will be teaching a workshop during the Retreat. Next, I had to check out what the music scene would be for the next few weeks. I knew it would be year-end concerts at the Conservatory, so I headed there to see what would be on the agenda. There is lots to hear.

I took a walk to Piazza Bra. This is where the Roman arena is located. I can see that they are beginning to bring in the props for the opera season (which starts later in the month). So, here you can see various props for Aida, being trucked in.

Last of all, for this post, here is a couple of shots of humor. These girls guard the entrance of a gastronima (a specialty food shop).

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