Friday, June 4, 2010

Wrapping up Projects: Some more 'Done's'

Just before I left for Italy, I completed a couple of ensembles. To the left you see a pattern, for a garment in process. This was printed using Garment Designer software.

The ensemble that I am showing below, will be displayed at Convergence, as part of the Teacher's Exhibit.

I used fabric woven by Robyn Spady for the skirt. It has a beautiful hand and drape. The little shrug sweater is handknit, and the top underneath is sewn. All parts were designed using Garment Designer.

You can see a couple of shots from a fashion shoot we did; one with the model wearing the ensemble, and one with her wearing another cropped-style sweater I knit.

As time was getting tight, I recruited a past student and now friend, Anna Marie to assist me. Here she is. Thanks Anna Marie.

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