Friday, April 30, 2010

Mesa College Students are prepping for the Golden Scissor Fashion Show

It is that time of year again! Our Fashion Program fashion show is one week away.
The 29th annual Golden Scissor show takes place next Saturday, May 8th, at the Westin (Horton Plaza).

Yesterday, all the garments came in, and we were crazy busy with fittings, organizing, etc.

Here you can see some of the many activities that go on, a week before the show. This includes creating all the published materials (program, invitation, Save the Date card, etc.), as well as line-up lists, fittings, etc.)

Submitting a hat (from the Millinery class) and a garment.

Final sewing on a garment to be turned in.

A rack of clothing.

And.. a couple of garments, original designs by our students. Aren't they great?

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Kathi said...

Oh how fun!! Looks like it would be fun for the students and audience!