Thursday, September 24, 2009

There's a New Man in my Life!

Yes.. there is. I have a new man in my life, and it is very exciting! Let me tell you about him.

He is American by birth, but has roots in other parts of the world. He is very strong and quite attractive. He loves to wear blue, and combines it with shades of gray and beige. He is very patient with me, and often plays music for me to slow me down. He is teaching me Italian, as he will converse with me in that language. He loves to drive, and we share many hours on the road, enjoying each others’ company. He is actually motivating me to get the garage cleared out.. can you believe it?

So, meet the new man in my life.

His name is Eros…

Eros the Escape.

I named my new SUV Eros for a couple of reasons. First of all, I name my cars, and since the new wheels are a Ford Escape Hybrid, I needed an ‘E’ name. The name Eros came to me, as I was driving down the freeway listening to my favorite Italian singer, Eros Ramazzotti. I listen to him all the time in order to keep working on my study of the Italian language.

If you want to check the Italian Eros out... here is his site.

History of my cars and their names?

Well, my first set of wheels was Max the Maverick. I bought him ‘used’ for $400.
Along the way I have also had..
Millie Mazda
Barry the Boat (a huge large boat-like car)
Henry Honda
Sasha Spitfire
Vivienne Volkswagon (a convertible bug)
Austin Audi
Ted the Taurus
Mid-life Chrysler (red Le Baron Convertible)
Tatianna TT
And… Jesse Jeep.

Eros joins the ranks of “Susan Cars” as my younger son would say.


Julia Writer said...

Love your post, I'm a huge Eros Ramazzotti fan also, I even started a blog about him I like him so much lol. Good luck with learning Italian!

KnitKnut said...

I now drive a PT Cruiser named the Knitmobile!

Lori said...

My first car was a bright yellow with a black interior '71 Ford Maverick, my HS colors.

SusanLazear said...

Love the fact that I am not the only one who names my cars! Ladies... how fun!

Lori.. we share the fact that Mavericks were our first cars. Carolyn... how fun, a PT Cruiser. Ulia, I shall visit your blog to learn more about Eros.. He's such a great Italian singer!

Leisa said...

Eros is a catchy name! Are all those in the list your previous cars? Wow! Looks like you’ve driven a lot of cars already! Anyway, I named first car, Edy, and I loved that car so much!

-Leisa Dreps