Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day Weekend Projects

Well, it is Labor Day, and I’ve just had a lovely weekend. It started with going to see a play at the Old Globe Theatre on Thursday night. Look at the view of the tower of the Museum of Man in San Diego's Balboa Park at night. The play was great... and starting Friday, I rolled into the weekend.

I decided to let my days at home really be a home-work weekend, in that I barely left the house. I set my goals at finishing up various projects that have been on the slate for a long time. Now, this doesn’t mean that all projects are done; far from it. And it doesn’t mean that I really felt like I was “working”. All things creative are fun for me; I rarely consider them labor.

My various tasks included sewing up hand knit sweater pieces, hemming pants and a dress, designing (Garment Designer),cutting and sewing a top (see an upcoming entry), hanging artwork and utility items in my house (yes, the budding Chick-can-fix), working at organizing the garage, clipping magazines, finishing a book, and learning how to make Sushi (also an upcoming entry.. was that fun!)

I also took some time to do some creative writing and entered an essay in Real Simple magazine's annual writer’s contest. The topic was “When did you know you were a grown-up?”. Now, if that wasn’t interesting food for thought.

All in all, it was a great Labor Day weekend, and I enjoyed puttering at home, and progressing projects of all kinds.

Below, check out my first effort at making Sushi, and look at the top I designed and sewed. I'll be blogging more on these soon.

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