Monday, September 14, 2009

Quote for the Day.. on Creativity

"Creativity is that which is yet to be done. It is that which is inside you, which empowers you, and which wants to be expressed.” — Robert Bosler

I like the idea of this statement. I strongly believe that we all have some creativity inside of us. It is just that not everyone has learned how to get it out.

Many people do not stop to realize the many levels of creativity. When you balance your checkbook, you have to use creative thoughts (to figure out the problem if one exists). When you run out of an ingredient in cooking, and figure out a good substitue, that is creativity.

OR.. like me, this weekend, when your overly-creative mind tries to do something that is destined for failure, you simply have to figure out another approach, and you do. That is part of the creative process. I'll be sharing that one, when I discuss the project.. which is still in progress.

Hint: My creative challenge was wrapped around seersucker fabric.


Anonymous said...

Dear Susan, just being around you is a huge inspiration for me to be creative. Thank you, Sadie

SusanLazear said...


Thank you so much!