Friday, September 25, 2009

How Does a Fashion Professor Choose a Car?

I purchased Eros recently, and had my decision fast-tracked when I learned that the “Cash for
clunkers” program was ending early. Jesse Jeep qualified for the Cash for Clunkers deal (by the U.S. government, giving a $4500 credit toward the purchase of a new car).
I was teaching a workshop to other faculty at the college, and learned from one of them that the program was ending in the next couple of days. Fortunately, So.. I had been doing my research for nearly a year, and I knew what I wanted.. a Ford Escape Hybrid SUV. I could get 30/35 miles to the gallon with this car, and still have my utility vehicle to haul all my gardening things as well as my projects and of course Cochenille things when I travel to and from the airport.

I started calling around to various Ford dealers, and very few had Hybrids in stock, and of course, most were quitting the Clunker deal either that day or the next day. One of the dealers had an Escape “en route”, It was a new color… Metallic steel blue. Of course there was not one vehicle on the lot of that color… so I had to “envision” it from a swatch book.

It is a good thing that I am able to envision things.. that is what we do as designers. So, I took a look at the ‘swatch’, and held it up to the leather samples, and made my decision that the blue would be fine. It was a little scary as I keep my cars for a long time. Jesse Jeep was 12 years old.

We did the deal, and I am now back into the world of car payments. But I love Eros, and the great mileage he gives me.

All I can say, is that I am glad that I have a designer’s eye, and that I can visualize things.

On a sad note…
I didn’t realize what they did with the clunker cars, once turned in. And.. I made the mistake of asking the dealer. I cried all the way to the Ford dealer the morning I took Jesse Jeep in to turn him over.

So, in loving memory of my Jesse…
He was a great car. He watched over me, and kept me safe. He helped me lug things everywhere, including the last move to the house I am currently in. He always made me feel secure, and he rarely let me down. I like to think that the powers that be saw a greater use for Jesse, and that he is up there in car heaven, guiding other vehicles in the art of being a great car.

On a happier note…
I had to break the news to Tatianna TT that she was getting a new friend. I think the thing that made it easier for her, was the announcement that Eros is very attractive, and … he is a younger man. She hasn’t seemed to mind his arrival at all.

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