Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Quick Top: from Garment Designer

I recently made a fun little top. On Thursday of the week, I showed my Intro Sewing students the fabric, and told them I would wear the garment to the next class. I know... some did not believe me (as they sat there and struggled with a jammed sewing machine... do you remember those days?)

So.. home I went, over the weekend, and sat down to Garment Designer, my software, used to create sewing and knitting patterns. I wanted to explore a function called "Give/Take Symmetry". We had talked about its various uses at the Design Retreat in August, so I decided to let this function be the theme of the garment.

Give/Take symmetry works in such a way, that when you click on a line of a pattern and move it, it gives to one side of the garment and takes from the other. So, take a look at the pattern here, and you can see how I used the function to create a diagonal line across the front of the pattern.

Here you can see that I have printed and taped all pattern pieces together. Then, I cut the fabric (which, by the way, has Italian words on it.. another language lesson for me).

I'm currently in a "non-facing" groove. This means I experiment, and try to find alternatives to facings. For this garment, I used a strip of fabric that was pre-cut for trimming purposes. I stitched this around the entire neckline.

on goes the sleeves...

and here, you can see the completed top.

I did wear it to the next class... (smile)


knitz said...

ha - this looks just like the fabric i have a T shirt in. In fact betty bought it for me. You have good taste!!!
like the sewing lessons

SusanLazear said...

Well, it's been fun. I love getting back to sewing.. and exploring with function of Garment Designer at the same time.