Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Mesa College Sewing Construction Class

This fall I am teaching Sewing Construction for the first time in many years. I am actually very excited about it, and look forward to sharing sewing knowledge with nearly thirty students.

Check out the new innovative use for cell phones here. They are being used as pattern weights!

The first projects the students make is a little girl's dress. In completing this dress they learn all the basic skills such as stitching, gathering, inserting zippers, heming, sleeves, collars, facings, etc.

We approach the layout and cutting on the dresses in a production manner. This means that we stack seven or eight layers of fabric on the table, (one layer for each student), and then we create what is known as a marker by tracing all the pattern pieces for the dress on one layer. The layers are weighted and then cutting occurs through all the layers at once.

Here is the library at the college, the first major view as I approach campus.

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