Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sister Creative Time

What do two sisters do when they get together? Well, if they are two sisters who grew up learning a variety of textile arts and handcrafts, they will spend their time together “making things”. This is exactly what my sister Chris and I did when I visited her last month.

Chris is a mosaic and clay artist and has installed many large works in and around Whitehorse. Her studio space is probably three times the size of mine, and whereas my space is full of yarn and fabric, hers is full of clay, stones, marble, tiles, and so on.

My brother-in-law left us on our own, while he went to visit family, so we took over the fort. The kitchen table remained covered with beads, a sewing machine, and all sorts of fun things. Just look at the 'creative mess'.

During the weekend, we spent out time creating jewelry. I had been instructed to bring some of my stash, and of course we had hers. Primarily, the types of items we made revolved around the use of bead stringing wire, crimping beads, other jewelry findings and then, all sorts of beads, ranging from seed beads to large pendants.

Here you can see some examples of our play and our results.

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