Thursday, October 22, 2009

"To Do" versus "Done"

A few weeks ago, I was involved in a discussion with a group of women. Our topic? Which is better; having a To-Do list, or having a Done list. The banter back and forth was interesting and amongst a group of nine women, very animated. I was completely drawn into the thought process and I have been thinking about it ever since.

The argument for choosing to work with Dones (as opposed to To-Do’s), is that Dones are much more positive. A To-Do, is always something hanging over your head, waiting in the wings be dealt with; it looms, it haunts, it weighs you down. A Done on the other hand, is a much more positive thing. Dones come with a sense of success, a check-mark, the removal of guilt and all sorts of other good things. And of course, the Done comes without ever mentally having had a To-Do.

So, over the weeks, I have been experimenting, and I have found, that I actually need both in my life. My To-Do’s are necessary for the menial day-to-day things, in order to keep me on-track. My Dones, on the other hand are reserved for projects that have been hanging in limbo. I don’t want them on my To-Do list, as there would be too many of them, Yet, it feels SO good to actually take care of things, and I find I am motivated to grow the number of Dones in my life.

So, you will begin to see some of my Dones here on this blog. I also invite any of you who read, to comment, and share your Dones with the rest of us. If you want, email me a picture, and I’ll share that as well. Email me at

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Lori said...

I'm in the process of cleaning re-organizing the yarn studio in my house. Which involved hauling all the bins of yarn and things into living room as well as all misc. bags, baskets and boxes of fibery goodness. The fibers and undyed yarn went back first and did not manage to expand beyond their original allotment of bins. The yarn is going back as I inventory it and input the stash into Ravelry, 23 bins since Sunday and 3 to go. The UFOs have all gathered in the living room. I didn't realize how many there actually were. I know what I'm going to be doing this winter. There may actually be several Christmas presents in there. lol