Sunday, October 11, 2009


It is Sunday today, a day of rest and thoughtfulness. I love this day, as I sit quietly and reflect back on my week.

Today, I am thinking about a hike I took on a Sunday about a month ago. A friend and I drove up to Laguna Hills, and hiked a trail that was supposed to be two miles long. Well, somehow we got lost (don't ask me how, as we were walking a straight-line type of trail). Our two miles turned into about seven or eight miles. I ached the next day, as there were hills involved.

I had read a quote on the wall of the nature center before we left, and it became my saving grace, to encourage me to "keep going" even though we didn't know where we were or how long it would take us to get back.

Here is the quote:

" I wonder if anyone else has an ear so tuned and sharpened as I have, to detect the music, not of spheres, but of earth, subtleties of major and minor chords that the wind strikes upon the tree branches. Have you ever heard the earth breath?"

Kate Chopin, American Author

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