Monday, October 19, 2009

Salvaging the Past

I grew up on a farm in rural Ontario, Canada. Washing and hanging out clothes was a regular activity. Below you see the house, and to the right, my mom... as she reached out the 'Wash Window' and hung up the clothes.

A year ago, the house was demolished, which is really sad, as it was a beautiful century-old home. While I was visiting my folks, and prior to the actual tearing down, I went back to the farm with a high school buddy, a crow bar, hammer, screw driver, and some determination. I was able to get some hardware, an old door, door nobs, molding, gingerbread trim, part of the porch, and of course... the old wash window. My parents thought I was crazy. This in part, because I live nearly 3000 miles away.

Determination is a great thing. I have managed to get all things here to San Diego area. ... and slowly, I am building creative projects with them.

Here is the bulletin board friends helped me create, using the window as a frame. Thanks to Ed and Shirley... they work great things with my old wood.

Below.. a closeup of the old door handle, and the cool air vents at the bottom of the window.

It's time to fill up the bulletin board with creative inspirations.


Kathi said...

What a wonderful use of the window and what a wonderful memory. I love it!

KnitKnut said...

Good for you, Susan, doing some rescuing of some old Canadiana. We had a box of old door knobs when we bought our house but my husband put them in a yard sale!!!


SusanLazear said...

I have a project planned for the door knobs... and when it is complete, I shall post images.

Love the history.

My greatest feat thus far, is getting the Windmill Tail here.. First getting it off the windmill, and then getting it cross-country.