Thursday, October 9, 2008


Thought for the Day…
The world of a fiber artist is like the world of a good chef. We have the finest of ingredients, (our yarn, fabric, trims, etc.), and the technique with which to create a feast. We only need time and good taste to do it well.

Scenes from Germany
It has been marvelous to be here in the fall… that being said by a San Diego girl. The leaves on the trees are singing with color. From yellow to orange to red.
I’ve including some shots so that you can see what I see with my camera. From castles to leaves to wonderful scenes.

What am I reading?
I just finished a book called A Year by the Sea: Thought of An Unfinished Woman. It was a biography by Joan Anderson in which she relays a year of her life when she moved to her family cottage alone to spend time by herself. I enjoyed it.

I am about to start a major venture… “Pillars of the Earth”, by Ken Follett. I am reading this partially because of interest, but mostly to honor my sister-in-law, Jackie, who gave me the book to read, so that I could tell her about the ending. Jackie died last week as a result of Breast Cancer. The past month has been a roller coaster for the family, but particularly, my brother and nephew. Please give to the Breast Cancer cause if you are able.

Pillars of the Earth is 1000 pages long, and a major deviation for Follett (from his suspense writing). It takes place in the Middle Ages and is about three main characters; a monk, a mason, and a beautiful elusive woman. It revolves around the building of a cathedral, and according to the inside flap, I will encounter ambition, anarchy, absolute power, and struggles of the heart. I have only finished 40 pages thus far, but the book has pulled me in. I love to wake early, fetch a cup of coffee, and go back to bed and read. This is part of my summer, and weekend ritual, and it will continue here, daily, while I am abroad. Mind you, I hope to find a piazza or two, to read in as well… (with the local people who have know how to slow down).

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