Monday, October 6, 2008

Susan is Going to Buy a New Sewing Machine

This year, I took a little time to research my new ‘sewing machine’. I currently sew on a 30 year old Elna, which I still love. Yet, I knew there were new things to be had, so I took time to sit down with vendors and see what is new. All I can say is WOW…. Things have changed.

I am currently siding with the Brother QC1000. It is designed as a quilting sewing machine, but I love some of the quilting features that I can use for garment sewing (although I do quilt). Primarily, I like its wide, wide sewing bed. I also love its long basting stitch, which I can see lots of use for, as I like to be precise, but I hate stopping to hand-baste. These two items are pretty unique to this machine. I am currently not interested in doing embroidery, so that simplifies my quest. If I change my mind (which is always possible), I’ll invest in a machine that specializes in embroidery, and use my garment sewing machine, for clothing.

Now, here is a list of what I am excited about on new sewing machines in general, although variations exist between models..

• The needle is easy to thread (for weary eyes)… simply push down a lever, and bingo.. there you are.
• You can control if the needle stays up or down when you stop.
• You can have the machine cut the thread when you are done, and the Brother machine even put both threads to the bottom of the fabric… how cool is that!
• There are LOTS of buttonholes, and I tried them on various fabrics, just to see how they work.
• You can control things from the front of the machine, with push buttons, which means you don’t even really need the push pedal.
• Most have touch-screens to choose your various options, stitch lengths, etc. This is where a lot of variation exists. I liked how the Brother display even reminded me how to fold the fabrics for the various blind hems.
• Free-form quilt stitching was easy to do, and I tried the stippling, which is something I’ve been curious about. It was great.
• Most good machines have some kind of pressure control, which allows you to sew over thick areas.
• There are, as usual, lots of attachments and specialty feet, to make your sewing fun

As I remember more, and as I get closer to buying my machine.. I’ll keep you posted.


Felicity said...

I've been using for the last few years a sewing machine which seems to do everything you've described - it may be worth also checking out if you haven't already. It is a Janome Professional 6500 - there's now a newer version 6600 which has an extra fabric feed system. It has all the features you want and I just love mine. It is all metal and very strong - a quilting machine rather an embroidery one.

SusanLazear said...


and thanks... I will check this out, once I get home.

Corrie said...

ohhhhhh i'm looking at the brother and love the pictures of yours