Thursday, October 9, 2008

Food in Germany and Austria

The food is Germany is… how can I describe it? Wholesome, filling, full of flavor.
Below is a list of the various foods I have tried

Kirschtorte – This is the Black Forest cake, as we know it. Kirsch means cherry, and torte means cake. This is a layered chocolate cake, with cherries and whipped cream amongst its various layers. Mmmm

Gefillde Knudel – I am not sure what Knudel means, but Gefillde means filled. This was a delicious entre disk. Imagine a potato-based ball, filled with a ground meat inside. This of course, was sitting in a wonderful sauce.

Potato Salad – Ursula’s mother made a wonder potato salad. The dressing was mayonnaise-based, but the surprise ingredient was curry.

Potato Soup – Ute made a fabulous potato soup for the Garment Designer group.. It was very thick and flavorful. People sliced hot dog sausages to put in the soup if they wanted some meat, and of course, the side-dish bread was a large pretzel. Wish I had taken a picture.

Apfel Strudel – I hope I spelled that right. This translates to Apple Strudel, and it was delicious. I had this in Austria.

Various Cakes – There are many different kinds of tortes

Beer and Wine – as per usual, I feel it is my duty to try the various local beers or wines. In Germany I tried two or three beers, one in a brewery restaurant. Very good. In Austria, I tried a red wine which was right up there with other world wines I have sampled.

With all the food testing I have been doing, I am now a potato… time to start walking.

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