Monday, October 20, 2008

Picasso Quote for the Day

I’m reading the paper; I’m chatting; going for walks.
But all of this is just perception. I’m actually working.
Or rather; something is spinning around in my head and I’m
Just waiting to grab it and form it."

Pablo Picasso

I saw this quote, written on the wall at the Swarovski Museum, in
Wattens, Austria

When I read this quote, I sat back and thought about it.
What Picasso has said is so in sync with my thoughts on design.

On Designing…
I believe that the ability to design is a learned skill. Yes, some people have a natural talent, but we are all capable of developing skills that will help us to be better designers. The key ingredient is the desire. Once you are willing to admit that you want to design, and you are willing to invest some time in develop skills, you have crossed the barrier. The rest should be relatively simple, should you choose to then follow through and remain open to learning.

It is my belief that designers have simply learned a special skill. They have learned how to ‘see’. And there is a point at which one knows that they have reached the pinnacle… the designer’s mindset. This turning point, is the moment, at which you cannot turn your eyes and mind”off”. Everywhere you go, you see things that you can use in design. You look at a leaf, and think about its color. You see a pattern in the stone path, and yes, you could knit that. You watch the sunset, and think that the gradient colors it is sharing, are ones you could use in your next fiber project.

Picasso was telling us, that his mind was always working, even when he appeared to be relaxing, reading the paper, or simply taking a walk. He saw inspiration in everything, and it was just a question of forming it into a painting, a sculpture, or whatever medium he chose to work with.

We can do the same.


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