Monday, October 13, 2008

More on Swarovski

Ice Passage – This was a walkway, that through a crystal maze. As you moved along the walkway, the floor beneath you lit up with a crystal pattern.

Reflections – This room was touted to be a kaleidoscope of sound and vision. Using various methods of multi-media, you were educated in the formation, fascination, and scientific importance of crystals. The entire layout of the room was astounding, and the information you gained (if you could get past the impact of the overall) was great.

Poseidon’s Puzzle – Here brillian colors and crystalline geometry paid tribute to expressionist art.

There was so much more, but not enough space and time to talk about it all. Look at more photos I’ve included to see how the crystals are used in jewelry, design, etc. You can even see what the sales room looks like, as you sit in the Café having a cup of coffee and apple strudel (apfelstrudel).

If you want to be caught off-guard, in the most wonderful way, make it a point, to sometime visit Austria. Not only do you have the majesty of the Alps sitting in the back yard, you have a museum, that is so unique and masterful to visit. Everyone involved in the exhibits … from Alexander McQueen, to Chris Levine, to the Swarovski business itself, has approached design from the top end.
Oh yes… and check out the bathroom. I will not let that cat out of the bag.

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