Monday, October 6, 2008

Novi Sewing Expo Show

Sept. 23rd – 27th, Novi Michigan

On Wed., Sept. 23rd, I taught a workshop in Novi, Michigan, on working with Garment Designer. We had a great class during which the students learned how to work with the software and push it further than they had before. I generally demonstrate measuring the body, so that students will get a good start on their own personal sloper. There is one measurement that I think are ‘key’ to a good fit, that is often overlooked. It is:

Shoulder Slope
This should be measured as the physical slope you can see when you hold a ruler starting at your high shoulder, positioning it parallel to the floor, and measure the slope at the lower shoulder point. If you think about it, your shoulder slope is actually a dart, which pulls up the fabric on the bodice, allowing the grain on the bodice to hang straighter. If the slope of your garment’s shoulder doesn’t match your personal shoulder slope, you already have a garment with a handicap. Thus the importance of a good measurement.

The Novi Sewing Expo takes place each fall on the last weekend of September. Novi is about 30 minutes west of Detroit. Of all the showing shows I participate in, it is the second largest in the country (second to Puyallup, Washington). There are seminars, workshops, fashion shows, and lots of vendors. At this show I teach seminars, and work the Cochenille booth.

This year I taught the following classes:
Getting Organized – How to Handle the Stuff
Pattern Fit – Understanding patterns and pattern alterations/design in order to get a good fit.
Step-by-Step Creative Sewing Techniques – borrowed from couture and ready-to-wear fashions.
The students were great! And this makes it fun to teach. I really appreciate it when people drop by the booth later to thank me. It is more than I expect, and very nice. Thanks to those who came by.

When I’m not teaching, I am at the Cochenille booth, demonstrating our software, helping customers who have questions. I enjoy the interaction with people who have and use the software, as you keep me on my toes, and you unknowingly help to see new things I might want to add to the program. At the Novi show, I am pleased to have the help and company of my cousin Laurie. She is an avid sewer and is enjoying her top-of-the-line Husqvarna-White sewing machine that she bought last year. We sat and explored her machine at night. You can see Laurie and I above. Laurie is on the right and I am on the left.

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