Monday, November 3, 2008

Project (cont'd) Cut and Sew

A Quick Pattern Check
Although it is not necessary, as I know my measurements are accurate, and I have sewn plenty of garments with my sloper, I generally take a moment to hold the pattern up to me and see what I think. This is not always for fit purposes, but to serves as a cross-check to the styling that I did. Occasionally I get a surprise in my estimates of design ease, etc. So, I hold the pattern up to me, and confirm that all is good.

Cut and Sew
As I prep to cut out, my pattern, it would seem that I need to make a decision about how full to make the little ruffle at the bottom of the jacket (if indeed I choose to use self-fabric, as opposed to knit the piece). I do not want to make the final decision yet, but I will cut out the piece anyhow. I planned for a gather ratio of 1.5:1, but I am thinking that will be too full. Still, I will cut out this amount, and then, decide later if I want less. I will make this decision by actually gathering some of the ruffle and basting it onto the garment. Note: If I was tight on fabric, I would make the decision prior to cutting out the fabric.

I lay out and cut three pattern pieces. Because my fur-like fabric has a nap, I am careful to cut all pieces in one direction.
1. My first step in sewing is to overlock the outer edges of all pieces, as the fur tends to shed. Fortunately, I could do this at Ursula’s business, as I am on the road, and don’t have access to my sewing machine.
2. Next, I sew the shoulder and side seams.

Quick Try-on
Before I go any further, I slide the garment on, to again, cross-check that I like how it looks. All is fine.

Next... getting ready to knit...

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