Monday, November 3, 2008

Ethnic Costume Research...

As I am readying to head back to San Diego, I am sad to leave, but thrilled to have had the experience of studying world costume in Europe. I have spent days in amazing libraries, browsing through books, hand-painted fashion plates, and other sources of imagery. Imagine looking at hand water-colored drawings of Italian folk costume. I have been allowed to take digital images of these, to share with my students.

Some of these libraries are in old, old buildings. For example, in Venice, I spent time in the Biblioteca di Palazzo Mocenigo. This was an amazing building, and their collection of fashion books is outstanding. I could have easily spent another week. In Verona, I spent time in the Civic Library (Biblioteca). Most of my time was in the "Reserve" section. In both cases, one filled out a form for each book, and it was hand-delivered to your table. I have also visited the fashion library at Polimoda, the fashion school in Florence.

All collections were amazing. I was honored to utilize them and felt very reverent as I was allowed to carefully hold books as old as 150 years. Thanks to all the staff who assisted me.
Below you see the biblioteca in Venezia (Venice).


Edie said...

Hello there, just found your email about this - must have missed it when in Canada. Gnocchi is one of my favorite foods - still reading early posts. Plus I have a pic somewhere of my mom in full German regalia circa 1929. Lets try gnocchi next time we get together. I think the premise is the same as spatzle. Stacy has a blog - and it is amusing in some ways. She is practicing writing for others. I like the convertible Cooper but being a mountain person would go for the Fiat. Do you remember Rob's Fiat? Love to you. Edie
PS. We are going to a Art Walk at another area.

SusanLazear said...


ok, you are on, about cooking together. I will check out Stacy's blog.

Hoping to make it to Denver, early 2009.


Star said...

There also is a costume library at the Castello Sforzesco in Milan and an incredible digital and sample library of fabrics (interesting also for all sorts of textile/embroidery/lace/knitting designing) in Como, not so far from Milan; should you come, please let me know in advance. Bye for now, Star (Milan)