Monday, November 3, 2008

Italian Fashion... looking at the windows

Here are a few shots of what I am seeing in the store windows of Verona, Italy.
Now, before I get into things, I must say, that the windows here are a delight to the eye. However, if you see something you like, you had better check it out quick, as the garments and windows are changed OFTEN. I have missed a few things, because I didn't write down where the store was, and I couldn't find it in the windows when I looked the next time I walked town.

So... onto a few things to check out.

Details and embellishment is everywhere. Take a look at the fabric brooch on this blouse. It is made of a lightweight leather and is pleated.

Check out these boots. I love Italian footwear, and just watching the women walk the streets in their amazing boots was so much fun. Even boots get collars, as you can see here.

Oversized is in. And yes, wide-legged pants are part of the picture. We called these elephant pants, way back when... now, they are just called wide-legged pants.
If you look at the knit garment below, you can see that the collar is large as well.

Look at the pintucks on this jacket. I saw a lot of sleeves that become full at the elbow. This was achieved in various ways; through release tucks, flaring, large pleats, and other means. There were a lot of 3/4-
length sleeves.

Next, we have a man's jacket. Look at the wonderful structural detail here. Menswear in Italy pays great attention to detail.

On to Knits...
Knit Dresses were everywhere. They often had a balloon hem. I saw all kinds of amazing shawls, capes, and ponchos. I'll write more about these later. Long gloves (elbow or higher) and fingerless styles were shown in nearly every store window.


Take a look at the large collar on this sweater.

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KnitKnut said...

Thanks for the European views. I love them. I'm moving into shawls and wraps myself for my next show in the US. If one cannot afford a whole garment....then perhaps a cool wrap.