Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Knit Shawl

OK... I had finished this one a few weeks ago, but it had sat on hold for quite awhile.

This is a knit shawl. It is made from two yarns; one novelty (called Stuff, by Prism Yarns) and the other a wool cable yarn (whose label I must find, but I think it is a Muench yarn).

Basically, this shawl is two rectangles, stitched together, similar to a Mexican quechquemitl. The goal was to have a wavy edge, and to introduce texture into the design using stitch pattern and yarn.

Whenever I worked with the rust yarn, I moved to rib stitch. This pulled the knitting inwards.
When I knit with the Stuff yarn, I either knit stockinette between the ribbed sections, or I knit a narrow strip on separate needles and then joined it to the main piece, knitting two stitches as one (one from each needle). This created flaps.

Finishing was simple... sew in a few ends, and one seam. So... why did it take me so long to finish?

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