Monday, November 3, 2008

Italian Design

For those just joining in...
I have been living in an appartment in Verona, Italy for the past month, as I conduct research for my sabbatical.

There is a lot about the lifestyle here, that I like. However, there are a few things that take getting used to. First of all, people do not have dishwashers (for the most part), so I do dishes by had. Secondly, I have yet to see a clothes dryer in a personal home. I do see a lot of personal wash hanging out of the windows on clotheslines. And, I have a cool drying rack that I use inside.

I have found that a nice rhythm evolves in the daily activities. The most important thing, is that I have learned to slow down (those how know me, might question that...). I do dishes each night.. I sit and wait for the coffee to perc on the stove (as I am using the stove-top espresso maker). I have no microwave, so everything is cooked on the stove.

Here is the coolest thing about my appartment.
Above the kitchen sink is a cupboard, and when you open the door, you see a rack, to hold your dishes while they drip dry. It has a draining pan, and a place for the utensils.

So, as the rhythm goes, wash the dishes, place them in the drying rack, and yes.. close to door. How cool is that!

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