Friday, January 15, 2010

The Hunt for a Dress (again).. and later Fabric (Tessuto)

For those of you who have followed this blog, you will know that last summer I went on a 'hunt' for the perfect dress to wear at my son's wedding. I found it, and shoes, and a purse, etc. here in Verona, and they were lovely.

OK.. so I have another occasion that warrants a new dress. I am very excited to say that I am to be honored at the end of March at a black tie event hosted by the San Diego chapter of the Fashion Group International. I am being presented an award for Educator of the Year.

So, the dress hunt began again, and I found it in my favorite boutique here in Verona, Scarabicchio. Arrigo was a great help in assisting me in my search.

The minute I put it on, I knew it was 'the dress'.

This morning I had the dress with me when I met the usual cast of characters for morning coffee at the cafe. Santina was holding the dress up, and Pierre Luigi looked at it and said (and I quote)... "Molto Sexy". Now, it is probably one of those ... you had to be there... moments. If you can imagine a man with a strong Italian accent saying this. Molto means 'very'. Sexy, you know.

After coffee, I headed to the fabric store (also discussed in my June 2009 blog entries). The store is Menegazzi Tessuti. Paola, the owner assisted me.
Below is my fabric choice for a stole. It is cream wool lainacotte (a type of lightweight boiled wool).

Of course, this trip, I budgeted for a purchase at the fabric store, so as you can see, I bought a couple of pieces. But yes.. fabric was also on sale!

This fabric is French, and is a type of fake fur. It has a cotton base, and a viscose pile.

This fabric is a nice cotton eyelet... it will be come a dress of some sort.

How fun..

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Anonymous said...

Congrats!! Hope your break is going well :) -Courteney